Semiconductor Testing

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The Electron semiconductor testers our manufacturing site are capable of handling advanced packaging technologies. Our combination of automatic test equipment and test chambers provide the ultimate standard in semiconductor testing.

Reliability Testing Services

Test the performance of your photodiode and laser diodes with our services below

Burn In

Our burn in tests will ensure your components last thousands of hours with minimal warranty issues.


If you are looking to develop laser or photodiodes, we have a network of companies that can do this for you.


For some clients we will offer testing of photodiodes and laser diodes for press release submissions.


We can test from 60W to 800W and have mutiple systems of each type to run projects in parallel.


Quickly add new testing services via our online shopping cart. An invoice will be sent to your accounting department for processing.

Help & Support

We offer each client a username that allows them to access our 24/7 support line.

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